Q. How do I steep tea?

A. It's very (t)easy- don't be intimidated! 





Q. When will there be tails to go with the tea? (aka when will T&T get a storefront and become a fully fledged cat cafe?)

A. Hopefully some time in 2018! We're working hard to find the perfect location and raise the funds. In the mean time, please feel free to try some of our house blends (made for both people and cats) to help support us towards our goal. 


Q. What if I only want tea and don't want to see cats? 

A. The tea room and cat room will be separate rooms. You may come in and stay downstairs to enjoy a nice pot of tea where it is cat free.  


Q. Are the cats adoptable?

A. Yes! Every cat at Tea & Tails will be adoptable. We are going to be working with the Greater Hillsdale Humane Society, which is a no kill animal rescue center. All cats that live with us at Tea & Tails will remain happy with us until they get adopted.


Q. If I already own a cat, should I get them a friend?

A. Depends on the cat! Each cat has their own personality and some will do better with cats than others. All cats at Tea & Tails are pretty comfortable with other cats but please remember to introduce new cats slowly.